Building a farm for 


We are a family of 5. Our kids are ages 3, 7, and 10. We hope to raise them on the farm honest and hardworking. Inspiring them to take over the farm when the time comes.


My first dog was a dalmation with a diamond spot on her nose. Years later my heart horse saphira was purchased. Her name is elvish it translates to Sapphire the blue- Her blue eye. Then our trainer came into our life named jewel. Since Jewels seemed to follow us we plan to name all our horses gems, until we run out. 

Because there are the Gems women should want! 





Breeding the Gold Standard

The best place to start is the International Drum Horse association.

Drum Horses were created in America but inspired by the Queen of England. She bred the first Drum horses for her Household Calvery. She wanted something that could handle the weight of the drums but still be flashy and not working horses.

Thus the name Drum horse comes from the job they were original made to do!.

The Idha Is trying to make an athletic draft horse with feather and color. They are working towards this by breeding gypsy vanners to Shires or Clydes. Each generation is created to breed down the gypsy vanner.

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Great Lakes Drum and Gypsy

Created by Loretta Bradfield

The best place to find shows and information for the Great Lakes area.

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